Dashboard warning light on? No need to panic...

- Find a safe place to stop
- Switch the engine and ignition off
- Wait for 5 minutes
- Restart the vehicle
- If the fault light stays on you will need to bring it to us for inspection


What is vehicle diagnostics?

All cars are now fitted with computers of all kinds of technology to run and monitor the internal workings of the vehicle. One of the most important functions these computers provide is ensuring your car is operating within it's manufactured parameters, the engine, safety systems (ABS, Anti-Slip etc. etc.) are all operating correctly and safely.

Most people usually only become aware of the functions of these computers when one of the fault warming indicators illuminates on the dashboard (there are usually at least an Engine warning light, an ABS warning light and an Oil Pressure warning light), and consult the vehicle owners manual to read "proceed to an authorized dealer as soon as possible"....

Often the warning light will indicate a fault that could be corrected by simply turning the ignition off, waiting a moment and re-starting the car. However, there was clearly a reason the light illuminated.


At Mitchell's Garage we currently use the best diagnostic tool available on the market. It is equiped with software capable of diagnosing electrical faults and reading engine management fault codes on almost every vehicle.

diagnostics tool


Our diagnostics service starts from just £25 plus VAT

Just pop in during opening hours* or contact us to make an appointment.


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Common Indicator Lights

Engine Warning LightThis will usually mean that there is a problem with the engine's management system or the engine's emissions control system. If this light comes on while driving you should have your car checked by the dealer as soon as you can. If you have to continue driving do so slowly and without hard acceleration.

ABS Indicator LightThis indicates a fault with the anti-lock braking system. If this light comes on you will still have normal braking ability but without the anti-lock function.

Battery Warning LightsIf this light comes on then your car battery isn't being charged. This could be caused by a faulty alternator, a battery that has come to the end of its working life (most batteries last up to four or so years) or because the battery terminals need cleaning.

Engine OverheatingIf this light comes on it means your engine is overheating. Pull over and call for roadside assistance.

Electronic Power SteeringThis indicates a problem with the power assisted steering. If this light comes on the steering is likely to feel a lot heavier which will make the car harder to steer.

Brake Indicator LightThis light will remain on until you have released the parking brake. If the light comes on whilst driving then there is a problem with the braking system. Take your car to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Oil Pressure LightThis indicates low oil levels. If this light comes on you should check the oil levels immediately. Driving with insufficient oil levels can cause serious damage to the car's engine.