The transmission is a device that is connected to the back of the engine and sends the power from the engine to the drive wheels.  An engine runs at its best at a certain RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) range and it is the transmission's job to make sure that the power is delivered to the wheels while keeping the engine within that range.  It does this through various gear combinations. If you are having problems, our technical staff are highly skilled and are able to make the repairs other garages cannot, so offering you big savings.


At Mitchell's Garage we undertake all types of gearbox and transmission work including:
- Clutches
- Fully Reconditioned Transmissions
- Automatic Gearboxes
- Transmission Repairs
- Transmission Servicing
- Gearbox Repairs
- Gearbox Servicing
- Fault Diagnosis & Troubleshooting
- Sports & Performance Transmissions
- Classic & Vintage Gearbox Repair




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Common Warning Signs of Transmission Malfunction

Transmissions can leak from nearly 20 different external seals- some are very simple to repair, while others require more involved service procedures. Much like an engine that gets low on oil, a transmission that is low on fluid can fail completely in very short order.

Sometimes a shaking or bucking sensation is experienced, especially at highway speeds. While this may be an issue of poor engine tune, it could also be a malfunction in the transmission.

Delayed gear changes
A noticeably longer than normal hesitation for your transmission to engage a gear is another sign of a transmission malfunction. These delays can be caused by anything from a low fluid level or a band that is in need of adjustment to an internal transmission seal or clutch pack that is failing.

Burning smell
A burnt odor can be a sign of a transmission that is overheating or is leaking fluid onto the exhaust. This needs to be addressed immediately- if engine oil or transmission fluid drips onto a hot exhaust it could catch on fire.

Engine warning light
An engine warning light can be an indication of a problem, even if you don't have a drivability symptom yet. Modern automobile computers are extremely sensitive and can detect a transmission slip or malfunction that would be imperceptible to the driver.

Transmission Slipping
Slipping is a condition where the engine is revving but full power is not getting to the wheels. Slipping can be caused by a variety of transmission malfunctions- none of which should be ignored.